Monday, December 31, 2007

Fred Brito on Dr. Phil episode: Faking It

Dr. Phil McGraw catches Fred Brito in lie after lie on national television.

In the episode, McGraw invites a couple who were "married" by "Father Brito" to confront him in the hopes of an apology for deceiving them into believing they were married by a real priest.

Before the show, Brito had told the producers he had written a book. On air, he attempts to dodge the revelation that he plagiarized the entire book.

Dr. Phil cuts down Brito repeatedly, who claims that his deceptions are over. "That was the past," Brito says.

In a particularly chilling moment, Dr. Phil shows Brito an index card with information about Fred so sensitive he doesn't even discuss it on air. What bit of Fred Brito's past is so damning that not only does Dr. Phil hesitate to mention it, but it even shuts up Fred Brito?