Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fred Brito cons his way into International House of Pancakes

The Kansas City, KS IHOP where Brito allegedly worked.
Online chatter indicates Fred Brito has once again proven to be "the great pretender" by landing his biggest job yet: as manager of an IHOP.

It appears Brito was hired, then fired, last September at a Kansas City, KS location of the nationwide chain. One online commenter claims that he made life "a living hell" for the night staff, and even fired a number of employees. Before his real background was discovered, he boasted of being friends with Dr. Phil, the commenter wrote.

We're looking for more details behind his time at IHOP. Please email or leave a comment with any info you're able to share!

UPDATE: I was just able to confirm that Brito was hired by at this IHOP using the name "Gomez de Maria" which Brito claimed he has legally changed his name to. According to the person I spoke with, Brito did a wonderful job as a manager there, and was hired after receiving a positive referral from an IHOP in Texas where Brito had previously worked as a manager.

According to the person I spoke with, after working at this IHOP for "two or three weeks" a fellow employee had called police to report Brito. They did not charge him with a crime, but Brito apparently left the job due to the embarrassment, according to my source.

Management said they have spoken with Brito and have offered to rehire him, and that he said, "he's thinking about it."