Friday, April 27, 2007

Fred Brito on Dateline NBC: The Ultimate Con Artist

Dateline NBC found Fred Brito's exploits so compelling that they devoted an hour of prime time network television to him.

Josh Mankiewicz interviews Fred Brito and people he's conned over the years. The report covers as far back as 1974, when Brito was charged with molesting a young boy, his convictions for embezzlement and auto theft, and up to the present.

Brito tells Mankiewicz essentially the same thing that he told the LA Times two years prior - that his days of lying are over. Brito says, "Fred Brito, conman, is no longer. The old Fred didn’t get me anywhere."

Mankiewicz closes the hour by noting that months after his interview, Brito was hired and fired from the New Mexico performing arts academy.

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