Monday, January 7, 2013

Discovery Channel repeats Fred Brito's lies as facts

As mentioned, Fred Brito even has a history of lying about his lies. While he's notoriously conned his way into numerous positions, he's even lied about the extent of his cons.

Case in point: in spite of his numerous claims, there is no evidence he ever conducted a symphony orchestra. Sure, it may make for good TV, but so would any evidence to support that Brito is anything more than a pathological liar.

Journalist Roger McBain of The Evansville Courier Press in Illinois took issue after a Discovery TV episode of "I Almost Got Away With It" regurgitated the conman's claim that he "posed as Frederico Gomez, a fictitious Mexico City music conductor, to get a guest gig conducting the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra on Sept. 17, 1998."
That was news to me. And it was news to Alfred Savia, music director for the Evansville Philharmonic since 1989.
Savia said he'd heard stories for several years about someone claiming to have duped the orchestra into a guest conductor's gig, but he'd never heard any details.
If anybody from the show had bothered to contact the Philharmonic about the incident, however, Savia could have told them that nobody by that name has conducted the Evansville Philharmonic at any time during his tenure, and that no concert took place on that date.
A look at the calendar reveals that Sept. 17, 1998, was a Thursday, nine days before the orchestra's gala Sept. 26 debut performance in The Victory.
Of course, TV programs would likely stop paying Brito to tell his "story" on TV if they just had to stick with established facts, including Brito's repeated history of making threats to anyone who calls him out on his lies. These threats escalate Brito's con's from harmless and elevate him to something other than a pathological liar: it also makes him a sociopath.

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