Monday, September 7, 2015

Fred Brito can no longer claim to even be the Dairy Queen

Fred Brito had gone a long way from his glory days of claiming to be "The Great Pretender" where he conned his way into high profile, high paying jobs that earned him headlines. Now, he can barely keep his ruse up long enough to hold onto gigs in the food service industry.

In late May 2015, he was canned from a job as an area manager for Dairy Queen in the Texas Panhandle. When the employee that discovered his his lies confronted him about it, Brito attempted to have the employee fired. Alas, this didn't work, and the company sent a notice out warning employees about him and asking to be notified if he evr returned. Instead of fessing up to his con, he told at least one other employee that the reason he was leaving is because he had been offered a position in Dallas.

Prior to this, he was working in Waco for Aramark, a food services provider.  And back in January 2013, he was employed as a bowling alley food service manager in EulessTX. In both cases, his criminal histories had been discovered by legitimate employees.

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