Sunday, April 24, 2016

From Burgerville to Wyoming, Fred Brito can't catch a break

Fred Brito made televised news again this month after being fired for "performance issues" while working at the Parkway Plaza motel in Casper, WY. He'd only been on the job for three weeks, working under the name Carlo Dimaria. According to his employer, it was only after he'd been let go that they'd discovered his long criminal history and repeated use of bogus resumes and fake names.

For Cheyenne, this was big enough news to make it to local TV news:

For readers of this blog, this, of course, is nothing shocking, and at this point, barely worth mentioning except for making it on the air of an ABC affiliate.

That said, it's not like this blog doesn't still get the occasional tip and keep up with Brito, such as where he was before moving to Wyoming.

Late last year, we learned he'd moved from Texas to Oregon, where his resume passed the muster of the HR department at restaurant chain Burgerville, landing him a management job in the Beaverton area. Shortly after Thanksgiving, the company discovered Brito's actual name and background and promptly let him go.

We hear Brito has retreated back to Texas.

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