Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fred Brito becomes talk of the town in Eugene

News of Fred Brito aka Gomez di Maria's most recent firing in Eugene, OR has been big news for the small city of 160,000 residents. After his employers with the Downtown Athletic Club discovered Brito had been hired using a largely fabricated resume, an insider tipped off both this blog and multiple news outlets.

Camilla Mortensen with the Eugene Weekly broke the story first. She was able to contact and briefly converse with Brito, who, of course, told her that "the blame for hiring someone who lies on their resume lies with his employer." As is his modus operandi after being caught, Brito also told Mortensen that he was working on a book about his cons (he's made this same claim on repeated occasions over the past decade, most regularly after being caught).

Other outlets to cover Brito's firing include:

It seems that Brito immediately ditched town after being fired, just as he did in Wyoming a few months prior. 

On the Weekly article, a 540 word comment was posted using the name Fred Brito calling reporters like Mortensen and this blogger cowards and stating, "you are not getting a rise out of me."

"This latest Eugene Weekly article is yet just another exercise of wasting time. Will it stop Fred Brito? Not at all," the commenter wrote.

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