Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fred Brito, er, "C. H. Patel" corrects the record on his time with National Hospitality Services and Staybridge Suites

Fargo area journalist Barry Amundson, who reported on Fred Brito's hiring and firing there, forwarded me an email signed by "a mere family friend of Fred Brito",  that claims to correct some details on Amundson's reported story. Signed "C.H. Patel", the email plays like a winning hand of Fred Brito bingo. Some bullet points from the letter:
  • Lying on a resume is not a crime.
  • The reason Brito has to lie about his resume is because otherwise nobody would hire an ex-felon.
  • A "tell-all book" is coming soon.
(As for me, this isn't the first time someone who is "not Brito" has come to Brito's defense accusing me of crazy stuff. In 2007, when I first reported on Brito for the Metblog's flagship site blogging.la, an anonymous individual accused me of getting them drunk and stealing their watch. Now, Brito - er - Patel, claims I'm using a fake name and that I've tracked him by accessing his credit reports.)

The email also claims Brito was hired only after a "so-called exhaustive background check" and that he had been employed for 40 days before being fired... contrary to what his employer claimed to reporter Barry Amundson. 

Full letter after the break...

Letter from "C. H. Patel" to Barry Amundson

Mr. Barry Amundson; 
I have reviewed your submission regarding Fred Brito being in Fargo, North Dakota. While it is true he was in Fargo, ND., the facts of your story are incorrect.
1. On October 21, 2016, Fred Brito was hired by NHS - National Hospitality Service to a $90,000.00 per year position as Regional Director. You stated that he was in Fargo for a training position at the Fargo Staybridge Hotel. If you investigated correctly, he has never been an employee of the Staybridge in Fargo, ND. He was merely a guest in room 301, which NHS paid for as part of their hiring package for Fred Brito. Your statement and that of Mr. Markland is, in fact, Inaccurate. (See Attached Offer Letter by NHS)
2. Fred Brito actually started his employment on November 7, 2016, after completing a so-called exhaustive background check by NHS. Some 40+ days later he was still working at NHS.

3. Fred Brito as required for the processing of the US Government hiring document ( I-9 ) used his US Passport - Texas Drivers License - Social Security Card - Using his real name of Gomez DeMaria which was legally changed in late 2000.

Now, you and I both know that if Fred Brito used fake or stolen Identification, he would be committing a crime. If you were to review the hiring documents at NHS you will find that he, in fact, used all of his legal identification. It is the very same Social Security number granted him in 1973. Only the name has been changed. Keep in mind that of all of the position that Mr. Brito has been hired to, he has in fact used all legal documents as required by the US (I-9) process required by Federal Law.
NHS claims that they did an exhaustive background check prior to his hiring. Not so. Fred Brito started to work at NHS on November 7, 2016. Terminated December 30, 2016.
The only thing that Fred Brito did was use a fabricated resume, which I might add is not a crime as of this date nationwide.

Mr. Markland, on the other hand, is a notorious stalker and will soon answer for his efforts to cross state lines using the internet to stalk Fred Brito which I might add is, in fact, a Federal crime. Of course, you can perform your own due diligence on this Federal law at your own leisure. This, however, is a much juicier story than the exploits of Fred Brito whom I might add has not committed a crime since 2002. The only one fanning the flames of The Fred Brito story is none other than David Markland, which I am not sure is in fact, his real name.

Now, before I close, you will be well to know that Mr. Markland has performed illegal acts by obtaining all three of Fred Brito’s Credit Bureau Report (on a regular basis) without Fred Brito's knowledge to obtain a current record of where Mr. Brito is employed. This is how Mr. Markland has been able to “Track” Fred Brito for so many years. This is a Federal criminal act and now that we have proof, the story unfolds to, even more, juicier ramifications which include some very serious Federal violations which will come out soon enough against Mr. Markland.

So, if you were to ask, What crimes has Fred Brito committed for so many years? The use of a fabricated resume which I will add again is not currently a crime in the United States. Keep in mind, that all of the positions’s that Mr. Brito has been hired to, have provided him with zero access to cash and or company assets. In fact, you should also know that Fred Brito has had to work, and as he so eloquently states:

"If I were honest no one would hire me even if I were working for free. If I can’t get a job in an honest way, then I have no choice but to get a job in a dishonest way. Either way, I have to feed my family. I refuse to commit a new crime, and I certainly will never apply for food stamps or public assistance. As long as I am able to work, I will, even if it means that I might have to lie to get a job in order to feed my family. I have served by debt to society and I have not committed any crimes since 2002. I certainly deserve a chance to work like everyone else."
More on this story to come, I am sure in a tell-all book soon to come.

C. H. Patel
PS: Who am I you might ask . . I am a mere family friend of Fred Brito whom I have known since he was in diapers. It is incredible what Mr. Markland has been able to do without any recourse by anyone. It will stop soon.

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